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FMC – FMC Polska S.A.

Who are we ?

FMC Polska S.A. is a Polish company established in January 2005. FMC professionals are dedicated to serving clients in individual industry segments, leading to a keen understanding of industry-specific business issues and trends focused on outsourcing of financial processes and interim management services to international firms.
We allow our Partners to sleep well !

Our mission:

FMC – financial partner you can trust

Time necessary for keeping accountancy book and managing finance on your own, you can spend on further development of your company.
FMC ensures full financial and accountant outsourcing and it is an experienced financial director working for your company.
FMC hires people who gained experience and knowledge in polish and international companies, banks and other financial institutions where they were working as financial managers, chief accountant, director of corporate banking and treasurerer etc.
FMC not like the others is carrying out much wider range of financial and accounting operations and all this operations are caring out on behalf of and for our partners, responsible for its services.
FMC full responsibility for the service as opposed to your own employees – our company takes responsibility for possible mistakes. Moreover we ensure full safety and confidentiality of information gained when carrying out our duties and after ending of our cooperation.

We work with clients that are active in all areas of economic activity
Our product and price offer is especially attractive not only for the firms, which company policy prefer and accept financial, accounting and human resources outsourcing, but also for the firms for which having very well qualified staff and different kind of advisors for full time is very important.
The list of our Clients include well established international companies, privately owned businesses, as well as those developing cross border or locally activities for the first time.

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